A Whole Other World

Ever notice how when you drop your line into the water time seems to stand still as you hope for a nibble and eventually a bite! Patience plus a little bit of luck will usually summon fantastic creatures from the deep places while enjoying Outer Banks fishing.  A wide variety of fish can be caught off the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks fishing

Come to Outer Banks Fishing!

Fishing is so good at the Outer Banks because the fish are very easy to find. There are tackle shops conveniently located all over the island so don’t worry there’s a deep abundance of gear around. The people who are working in these establishments have a deep love and appreciation for fishing which makes them friendly, cooperative, and helpful outfitters.

Finding Fishing Charters

For the fishers who just love to get offshore, hiring a charter (which leave by the hundreds every day) in the summer and even in the off season if the fish are biting is a great way to get more. Some of the fish that these offshore boats catch include such natural sea gems like:

·    Flounder

·    Spot

·    Croaker

·    Trout

Novice Fishermen Welcome

Head boats are large fishing vessels that can hold many interested fishermen for a reasonable price and show them how to experience the sea more intensely. The mates on board these headships will be glad to help you bait your hook, reel in your big fish, and such assistance as is needed. Falling in love with the process is essential to being able to stick with it until you have something to show off! It’s called fishing and not catching for this reason and every angler admits to “paying his dues.” The more you persist and keep a positive think I can attitude the easier it is to start having real success with nothing fishy at all about it!

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